How does my organization Adopt-a-Military Unit in my community?


What are some of Camp Alliance’s resources that can be offered to our Unit based on mission?

Camp Alliance, Inc., is a 501c3 nonprofit organization (tax deductible) with valuable community resources that support military through product solicitation (In-kind donations) such as food, beverages, & retail goods.

Can we utilize Camp Alliance, Inc. (CA) to raise funds for our FRG, or Military Unit?

Yes, however in the community you will have to utilize Camp Alliance name/branding not your Unit or Family Readiness Group. At the most you can be branded as being the beneficiaries of the fundraising effort/event.

Do you just help Military Units in Arkansas?

No, we offer national military support.

Our Unit is hosting a Family Day or Holiday Party how does Camp Alliance offer support to our FRG/Military Unit to remain within our policy regulations and parameters?

It is within Camp Alliance mission to offer support at the Unit, Battalion, Brigade, State, National level. If it is brought to our attention through a newsletter, vision letter, or email without directly asking for support CA can offer our resources based on mission and resources.

What is the time-line that CA needs to be contacted regarding a command approved notification of an event in order to offer support?

It is best to contact us at least 30 days before needed event. It takes time to solicit for sponsorship’s or In-kind product donations.


How likely is it that CA will offer support to our event?

At the minimum you will be contacted regarding efforts that are in place to secure In-kind product donations.  Camp Alliance can also assist your unit in a community fundraising effort. By using the Camp Alliance, Inc. branding and solicitation forms to secure In-kind product and monetary donations in your own community.

How soon do we get the monies we raised?

Within 2 weeks.

How do we get sponsorship/support monies to Camp Alliance, Inc. for our Military Unit or Family Readiness Program?

Check or money order sent via mail to:

Camp Alliance Inc.
Finance Dept
Pinnacle Hills Promenade
2203 Promenade Blvd, Suite 3200
Rogers AR 72758

A check made out to your unit from Camp Alliance will be returned within 2 weeks of the date we receive it.

Do we get to keep all of the funds raised in our efforts?

No. The cost of the event will come out of the monies raised plus 10%. For example if you need help with postage, printing, banners etc… All monies will filter through Camp Alliance for book-keeping and tax record purposes.  Per regulations a sole organization can only offer up to $1000 in monetary support per fiscal year to the military unit.

In-kind product donation does not deduct from this amount.  (For example if Walmart gave hot-dogs, hot-dog buns, condiments, chips & beverages and the amount totaled $250 in product and you had to rent a facility for your event was $1000 Camp Alliance could offer to pay this amount and still give your unit $1000 monetary.)

90% mission- Where does the 10% go?


  • Administrative Cost: i.e. Marketing/ Promotion/ Credit Card transaction fees/staff
How big of a Camp Alliance community event can we organize?

As big as you want and can. You can create your own event or utilize marketing/branding of already existing Camp Alliance branded events: CA Team Military (run, walk, bike), Soldiers Scramble golf tournament, Hold’em in Honor poker tournament, All American Freedom Festival, Military Appreciation Fall Festival.

All of your efforts and monies beyond $1000 monetary gift can be tracked and used as In-kind donations to your unit for:

  • catering
  • rentals
  • scholarships for military kids in your unit
  • prizes
  • decorations


How can the place I work get involved as a local business or corporation to make a tax deductible donation to go directly to our group or the Camp Alliance mission?

They can email or contact directly and CA will make sure this support is offered back to your group and/or organized appropriately with proper tax information going to the supporting entity.

  • Adopt a Unit
  • Event Sponsorship
  • In kind product donation
What ways can Camp Alliance help our Unit put on a Camp Alliance Community Event?

CA can help with event guidance, marketing your event to the public (if needed) on social media outlets, CA text communication platform, radio PSA (Public Service Announcements), monetary and In-kind product solicitation forms.

Can Camp Alliance organize our Community Event or fundraiser?

No. We can offer event marketing and/or suggestions, and usage of CA Fundraising Campaign Kits or outlined (already existing) Camp Alliance events for ease of planning/fundraising.

Do we have to sign anything or what is the process to really getting started after the offer of CA support?

You do not need to know exactly what your fundraising or event efforts are to start the communication process however, before any event efforts take place a letter from the Commander needs to be submitted via web upload or fax verifying the Family Day/Holiday Party or specialized request in order to verify the nature of the In-kind and/or monetary offer falls within his/or her guidelines.