Camp Alliance, Inc. a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization was established in 2010 with the purpose to serve the United States Guard / Reserve Armed Forces; to compliment the Department of Defense Military Unit and family mission readiness programs.

Camp Alliance is a leader in military unit and family support services as well as a role model for building strong support communities.

Military Unit Registration

ISSUE: Bridging the Gap


Due to continued federal budget cuts, military Commanders require non-federal money and resources in order to initiate and operate family support programming required for preparing and maintaining mission resilient  families. Central to Camp Alliance is providing direct support to unit Commanders for family readiness programs.

Beyond direct resources to Units, Camp Alliance serves as the educational bridge between military and civilian communities. Through collaboration with civilian resource providers Camp Alliance educates the civilian population on the current condition of the Armed Forces Guard and Reserve Components.


Published by the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (MilitaryCommunity and Family Policy), under contract with ICF International.

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Today’s Guard & Reservist


As of January 2015 there were 26,760 Reserve Component service members activated in support of operations around the world.

Personnel mobilized include: Army National Guard, Army Reserve, Navy Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserves, and the Coast Guard Reserve.

This brings the total Reserve Component mobilization to over 904,063 since September 11, 2001.  In comparison, only 37,000 Reservists were utilized in the 20 years of the Vietnam War (

Our Approach

With the continued use of the Reserve Component as a significant portion of the military operational force, coupled with federal fiscal constraints, there is a pressing need for a fundamental change in how resources are channeled and delivered to the Reserve Component Units, service members and families.

1) Provide military leadership with community resources.

2) Engage the civilian community (individuals, organizations and businesses) in order to supplement and/or address unit resource and program needs.




Camp Alliance acts as a trusted and established bridge between military communities and civilian resources.  Businesses, Corporations, Associations and Organizations are encouraged to partner with Camp Alliance to increase centralized support for our nations’ Guard and Reserve Units and their families.

A fundamental change is needed in order to directly deliver and provide regulatory in-kind and monetary resources to the Military Units and Family Programs.

Camp Alliance is the fundamental change.

We pride our organization on being able to claim over 90% of the resources gifted to Camp Alliance directly impact Military Units and Military Family Programs.   Our solution is to be effective, efficient, logistical, trustworthy, reliable, and sustainable. Our philosophy is, if we all work together it is easy to make a fundamental change.

Adopt-a-Unit Program


campus-152Camp Alliance has created an online support infrastructure with a planned physical campus. The only of its kind—created to compliment Department of Defense programs.

Since 9/11 Guard and Reservist,  once considered “backup”,  have taken on a new role within the military manning 51% of the on-going missions.

The United States will always have troops deployed, and reintegrating. The campus will be utilized year round–a destination unlike any other in the world-with long term sustainable support and economic impact.

The campus is designed to house required programs such as the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration and the Transition Assistance as well as outreach counseling programmings i.e. Armed to Farm, Strong Bonds, etc. Currently, government contracts for these services are going to private facilities not adequately equip or designed to handle the programming effectively and efficiently around the Continental US.

The campus  will be designed utilizing green technologies with a footprint that will maintain the pristine natural beauty of the determined location. (not located as shown–above is a footprint model)


Camp Alliance is committed to partnering with resourceful partners to create a sustainable quality marketing program using consumer packaged goods.

This program will allow Americans to buy product(s) with a “give back” in support of Military Units and Family Programs. Look, Shop, Support & Buy from companies that support the Camp Alliance Military Project branding.



“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.” ― Ronald Reagan

Camp Alliance is here for those who live among us and are the heroes on the front-line of freedom. Since 9/11 with over 51% of the combat forces being Guard and Reserve service members the Camp Alliance impact will be seen in communities across the nation.  Service and family member’s eat, bank, sleep, shop, recreate, and work in our communities, because of this without Camp Alliances’ mission it is impossible to achieve a strong military support community and mission resilient military families.